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K-9 Search Dogs

Search and Rescue K-9


        GCSO-K 9 search dogs are  trained:

  • to search for lost or missing persons in the wilderness or missing from their home
  • to follow a patient with Alzheimer’s missing from a nursing home
  • to search bodies of water for drowning victims
  • to assist law enforcement search for evidence and help with crime scenes.
  • to search for trapped victims in many disaster situations


Dog and handler teams typically train a minimum of one - two years prior to demonstrating they can meet the standards through a rigorous testing process.


The search dogs are just one of the many tools used by the search management to find clues of the missing person's whereabouts. Dogs can be used to rule out areas (the dogs gave no indication that the person is in a given area), dogs can indicate a general direction for the search manager to send other search resources, and the dog teams are sometimes the team that actually finds the missing person.






In general, human remains detection dogs are specially trained to locate deceased humans or human remains in a variety of circumstances and mission types.  Another description used to identify these types of dog is “cadaver” dog.  Not only do they search for and locate a cadaver (whole deceased body), but they also search for a spectrum of human remains items such body parts and pieces, cadaver fluids or cadaver fluid soaked items, blood or bloody items, skeletal parts or bones and objects that may have absorbed human remains scent.

Some HRD dogs specialize in very specific type of missions, such as Land Missions, Forensic Search, Historic Search, Mass Destruction Search,  Water Search.