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Welcome to the Goshen County Sheriff's Department website. This website provides you, the citizen, with valuable information related to law enforcement services for Goshen County, Wyoming. You can also contact us for questions, comments, or feedback under the ABOUT tab.

Search and Rescue Home

Goshen County Search and Rescue Mission Statement


     Every search for a lost, overdue or injured person is a response to an emergency situation.  Our mission is to find the lost, rescue the stranded and injured, recover the deceased, and educate the public on wilderness safety and survival. No matter how many or how few searches and technical resources are available, every search is a challenge to the skills, experience and dedication of searchers and K9 teams.


     The mission of the Goshen County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue is to provide dedicated unpaid professionals who will bring with them the skills and experience to solve the search situation.  Each member will continue to develop in his or her desired area of discipline, teach other members their skills in support of the Search and Rescue Team in order to provide the most professional service and Expertise to every search mission.

We take pride on being there when it counts so

that others may live.




We are a 501(c)(3)- Non-profit organization and pride ourselves in lending a helping hand when it's needed with no charge at all.