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Welcome to the Goshen County Sheriff's Department website. This website provides you, the citizen, with valuable information related to law enforcement services for Goshen County, Wyoming. You can also contact us for questions, comments, or feedback under the ABOUT tab.

Donating to Goshen County Search and Rescue

Where does the money go?

  • Goshen County Search and Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
  • 100% of all your donations go to Goshen County Search and Rescue.
  • 100% of your contributions to GCSO-SAR are tax deductible.
  • 100 % of our annual expenses and training must be paid for with money we obtain through fund-raising.
  • All of our members are un-paid, so your donation pays for search and rescue - not administration.
  • Our members contribute financially by paying an application fee, new member training fee, outside training fees, K9’s, K9 training and certification costs, costs associated with ongoing training, all SAR missions, and our members must personally pay for items that they need and what the team needs.

GCSAR Fund-raising Values

Goshen County Search and Rescue engages in fund-raising activities that comply with the values listed below.

Trust: We shall uphold the rules and regulations specified in our Bylaws and Policies, and in any agreements we have made, verbally or otherwise, with other agencies or individuals. We will not sell or make public any donor information without the expressed consent of the donor.

Integrity: We shall not engage in any fund-raising activities or tactics that we find unappealing or distasteful or that we know others find unappealing or distasteful – like random telephone solicitations by non-team members. Since none of our members are paid, our expenses can and should be largely focused on things related to search and rescue. No Administrative expenses come from SAR.

Honesty: We shall only request money for projects that are approved by the GCSO-SAR Executive Board or that are a normal part of accepted team needs. All future fund-raising success depends upon how truthful we have been about our needs and our expenses.

Accountability: We shall spend all monies earmarked for specific purposes on those purposes and do so in a timely manner and we shall document appropriate reasons and justifications if this does not happen.

Fund-Raising Events

Throughout the year, GCSAR has a number of fund-raising projects.  For information about donating to GCSAR or questions about our fund-raising projects, please contact:
Fundraising Coordinator and Secretary Brandi Graybill

Donating to GCSO-SAR

If you wish to make a donation to GCSAR, you can use any of the following methods:

(send your check to the address below)
Goshen County Search and Rescue Team
PO Box 621, Torrington, WY 82240

Thank you for Donating

We wish to express our most sincere appreciation and thanks to the many people, corporations, organizations, foundations, and groups that have made donations to GCSAR.


        GCSO-K 9 search dogs are  trained:

  • to search for lost or missing persons in the wilderness or missing from their home
  • to follow a patient with Alzheimer’s missing from a nursing home
  • to search bodies of water for drowning victims
  • to assist law enforcement search for evidence and help with crime scenes.
  • to search for trapped victims in many disaster situations


Dog and handler teams typically train a minimum of one - two years prior to demonstrating they can meet the standards through a rigorous testing process.


The search dogs are just one of the many tools used by the search management to find clues of the missing person's whereabouts. Dogs can be used to rule out areas (the dogs gave no indication that the person is in a given area), dogs can indicate a general direction for the search manager to send other search resources, and the dog teams are sometimes the team that actually finds the missing person.






In general, human remains detection dogs are specially trained to locate deceased humans or human remains in a variety of circumstances and mission types.  Another description used to identify these types of dog is “cadaver” dog.  Not only do they search for and locate a cadaver (whole deceased body), but they also search for a spectrum of human remains items such body parts and pieces, cadaver fluids or cadaver fluid soaked items, blood or bloody items, skeletal parts or bones and objects that may have absorbed human remains scent.

Some HRD dogs specialize in very specific type of missions, such as Land Missions, Forensic Search, Historic Search, Mass Destruction Search,  Water Search.

Goshen County Search and Rescue Mission Statement


     Every search for a lost, overdue or injured person is a response to an emergency situation.  Our mission is to find the lost, rescue the stranded and injured, recover the deceased, and educate the public on wilderness safety and survival. No matter how many or how few searches and technical resources are available, every search is a challenge to the skills, experience and dedication of searchers and K9 teams.


     The mission of the Goshen County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue is to provide dedicated unpaid professionals who will bring with them the skills and experience to solve the search situation.  Each member will continue to develop in his or her desired area of discipline, teach other members their skills in support of the Search and Rescue Team in order to provide the most professional service and Expertise to every search mission.

We take pride on being there when it counts so

that others may live.




We are a 501(c)(3)- Non-profit organization and pride ourselves in lending a helping hand when it's needed with no charge at all.



Admin. Deputy

, WY.

Admin. Deputy
, WY.

Shelly Kirchhefer *
Admin Records Keeper
Torrington, WY.




Art Lowther
Lingle, WY.

Michael Norton
Torrington, WY.

Michelle Brooks
Torrington, WY.

Patricia Lowther
Torrington, WY.

Gary Wiand 
Training Officer
Torrington, WY.

Tennille Grosz
Asst. Training Officer
Torrington, WY

Jerry Numon *
Torrington, Wy

Travis DeWitt
Torrington, WY.

Rachael Martin*
Hawk Springs, WY.

Nicole Norton
Torrington, WY




Brianna Lowther
Lingle, WY

Adahline Goulart
Lingle, WY


Jim Britt
Torrington, WY.

Evan Brooks
Torrington, WY

Kimberly Herdt
Torrington, WY

Tony Goulart
Lingle, Wy

Stephanie Goulart
Lingle, Wy

Alicia Goulart
Lingle, Wy

Dakota Vlach
Torrington, WY

Travis Grosz
Torrington, WY

Barbie VanPelt
Torrington, WY

Jocelyn Leithead
Torrington, WY

Noah Decker
Torrington, WY

Gary Felton
Torrington, WY









 Updated July 2021