Goshen County Sheriff




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Matthew Klingsporn Sergeant  
Jacob Smith Sergeant  
Scott Miller Corporal  
David Miller Deputy Sheriff  
Sean Graham Deputy Sheriff  
Roberto Calderon Deputy Sheriff  
Kodee Jankowski Deputy Sheriff  
Shyanne Peterson Deputy Sheriff  
Thomas Lapinski Deputy Sheriff  
Daniel Wayland Deputy Sheriff  
Maggie Hendrickson Control Supervisor
Rodney Johner Control Clerk
Whitney Foos Control Clerk
Kevin Parish Control Clerk
Jean Stoner HCS Manager
Jana Salway
Rodessa Baros Dietary
Marsha Moon Dietary




The Goshen County Detention Center was opened in 1997 and updated in 1998.  The center can house up to 90 prisoners and employs 15 deputies, 5 central control clerks, 2 dietary service cooks, 2 nurses and an administrative assistant.  The overall operation of the center is overseen by the administrative captain and the daily operations are managed by 3 division sergeants.

The center is responsible for the safety and well-being of prisoners housed within the center.  This includes ensuring that each prisoner receive three nutritionally stable meals each day, adequate medical treatment and care, access to personal hygiene items and access to mental health counseling/treatment.

The center houses both pre- and post-convicted prisoners charged with municipal, state and federal criminal violations.  Contracts are currently held with the Wyoming Department of Corrections, Marshals Service, Immigration & Custom Enforcement, United States Air Force, Torrington Police Department, Lingle Police Department and various other Wyoming Sheriff’s Offices to house prisoners.

Fiscal year 2006-2007, the center generated $1.03 million in revenues, substantially offsetting a large percentage of your tax paying dollar.

Scheduled projects for 2007-2008 fiscal year include booking center remodel, Central Control electrical upgrade and remodel and miscellaneous maintenance repairs.

If you need information on how to send mail to an inmate, purchase phone cards, or send an inmate money check the Prisoner Services page.