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Online Application:


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Please fill out, print and mail application/drop it by:

Goshen County Sheriff's Office-Detention Division                     

2120 East B Street
Torrington WY  82240

Do NOT email us the application as it contains your social security number!



Position: Deputy Sheriff – Detention Division


The Application Process

If you are going to apply with Goshen County Sheriff’s Office, you must understand the procedure before submitting your application.  The process is simple, but structured.  All stages of the process are administered by the Sheriff’s Office and there is no cost to the applicant for any of the stages.


Written Exam

You must pass a 206 question assessment.  This assessment covers vocabulary, reading comprehension, spelling, language, number operations and problem solving.  The applicant must pass this with an 80% or greater.  The applicant is then given a personnel assessment that must be completed in 12 minutes.  The score on this must be greater than 17.  After completing this assessment, the applicant must complete a series of essay questions.  Each question must be answered as directed.  The essay questions allow the agency to assess your ability to critically think and structure your responses so that they are grammatically correct and well thought out.


Physical Exam

An assessment of your physical fitness is assessed.  Pushups, situps and a 1.5 mile run is assessed and must be completed within the required time line and amounts/distances as prescribed by the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy.

 Male PT Standards

Female PT Standards


Oral Board

If you successfully complete the written and physical examinations, an oral interview with members of the agency is offered to you.  You will be asked questions about your professional and personal history. 


Background Investigation

If you receive a favorable recommendation from the Oral Board, a background investigation will be conducted and further interviews, both group and individual, may take place during this process.  As part of the background, we contact persons and inquire about your character, personal and job history.  We do not limit our contacts to those only listed in your background packet, an examination of many individuals including neighbors, classmates, family members and co-workers is used to help determine your worthiness to become a deputy sheriff.


Psychological Evaluation

A psychological evaluation is used to evaluate your ability to perform the functions of a deputy sheriff.  As part of this assessment, a voice-stress analysis or polygraph examination may be required.


Medical Physical Evaluation

Each candidate must pass a physical examination, commonly referred to as a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical. 


Conditional Offer of Employment

Assuming satisfactory progress of all areas, the agency will extend to you an offer of employment.  Once this is complete, you will begin a field training program which typically lasts for 8 weeks.  In addition to the field training program, you are required to successfully attend the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy.  In addition to your basic training at the academy, the agency will also provide you instruction in many areas of law enforcement, including advanced training above and beyond what the academy provides.  Each deputy sheriff is required, as part of their continued employment with the agency, to successfully complete all areas of instruction, demonstrate competency, and maintain required certifications in areas of specialized training.

Closing Date:

Pay Scale:

Basic Level                                          $17.48/hr
Advanced Level                                   $18.64/hr
Professional                                         $19.70/hr

Minimum Requirements:

  • 20 years of age
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Valid Driver License
  • Bondable
  • Not convicted of any crime for which conviction resulted in a felony.
  • United States Citizen
  • Good moral character as determined by a background investigation
  • Be free of any physical, emotional or mental conditions which  might adversely affect the performance of duty as a peace officer.  Must be evaluated by a physician and a psychologist as provided by agency.
  • Vision 20/20 or able to be corrected to 20/20
  • Pass physical agility test as set forth by Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy standards.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with people


General Definition:

Under general supervision, maintains security and ensures inmate welfare in the detention center; oversees detention center activities during assigned shifts; performs related work as assigned.


Examples of Duties:

  • Maintains centralized detention center security and inmate welfare in accordance with laws, regulations and institutional philosophy.
  • Obtains necessary information and books prisoners, completing necessary forms; takes photographs & fingerprints; performs other processing activities such as preparing reports and maintaining files.
  • Searches, examines, instructs and logs inmates; inventory and secures property and valuables; interviews inmates; classify and assigns inmates to appropriate housing area.
  • Serve arrest warrants and civil process.
  • Supervises and monitors inmates and inmate workers assisting with housekeeping, food preparation, distributes laundry and performs similar activities.
  • Supervise inmate exercise, recreation, visiting and similar privileges.
  • Assist medical staff in distribution of medications, screens and refers requests for medical attention; administer emergency first aid as required; provide security for medical staff.
  • Inspect facility and reports needs for maintenance.  Performs limited maintenance duties as required.
  • Requests and/or issues clothing and supplies.
  • Prepares reports and other written materials; maintain accurate records, logs and files.  Testifies in court.
  • Transports prisoners in prisoner transport vehicles; performs all inmate extraditions within the and its territories.
  • Enforces municipal ordinances and state statues while in the performance of their duties.
  • Operate an intoximeter and portable alcohol breath tester.


Employment Benefits

  • Paid Medical Insurance
  • Paid Wyoming State Law Enforcement Retirement
  • Paid Vacation, Sick Leave and Personal Leave
  • Holiday Pay
  • Advanced training and certification
  • Uniforms/Equipment/Firearms provided by the department
  • Paid Life Insurance
  • Meals provided while on-duty
  • Educational opportunities through Eastern Wyoming College



Position: Control Clerk- Detention Division


Closing Date:

Under supervision of Central Control supervisor and sergeant to operate security doors; to control access and movement of inmates, detention personnel and visitors throughout the detention facility security area; to monitor and respond to alert alarms; to monitor inmate activities within and outside the housing pods and within the booking/admissions area; and to ensure all Central Control equipment functions properly.


Examples of Important and Essential Duties

  • Operate various forms of communication equipment including telephone, computer, intercom system and 2-way radio communication system.
  • Enter incident data into computer software system.
  • Check and verify status and identification of visitors to the detention center to ensure admission of only authorized persons.
  • Control access into and throughout the security area of the detention center by use of remote control doors and closed circuit television monitoring systems.
  • Respond to emergency alarms and duress signals; make initial announcements of situation and operating door controls at the same time to allow a rapid response to internal emergencies; assign initial response of officers to affected areas of the facility.
  • Receive phone calls for service and/or information; route and transfer calls as necessary.
  • Monitor detention center alert, alarm and emergency systems; check for proper function; ensure proper operation at all times.
  • Enter data into the computer system via computer terminal with information gained from arresting officers, booking officers or other detention staff.
  • Maintain constant surveillance and observation of deputies.
  • Ensure compliance with detention center policy and procedure and post orders by all personnel.
  • Perform multiple concurrent tasks and manage priorities.


Experience and Training Guidelines

  • Some experience in security is desired.
  • High School Diploma or equivalent.


License or Certificate

  • Possession of or ability to obtain a Public Safety Communications Officer Certificate


Salary Range

Basic- $14.76

Advanced- $15.42

Professional- $16.35