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Goshen County Sheriff

Job Opportunity

 Control Clerk- Detention Division

 Closing Date:  Open until filled

This position is a full time, benefited position and also requires working shift work, weekends and holidays.

Under supervision of Central Control Supervisor and Sergeant to operate security doors; to control access and movement of inmates, detention personnel and visitors throughout the detention facility security area; to monitor and respond to alert alarms; to monitor inmate activities within and outside the housing pods and within the booking/admissions area; and to ensure all Central Control equipment functions properly.

Examples of Important and Essential Duties

  • Operate various forms of communication equipment including telephone, computer, intercom system and 2-way radio communication system.
  • Enter incident data into computer software system.
  • Check and verify status and identification of visitors to the detention center to ensure admission of only authorized persons.
  • Control access into and throughout the security area of the detention center by use of remote control doors and closed circuit television monitoring systems.
  • Respond to emergency alarms and duress signals; make initial announcements of situation and operating door controls at the same time to allow a rapid response to internal emergencies; assign initial response of officers to affected areas of the facility.
  • Receive phone calls for service and/or information; route and transfer calls as necessary.
  • Monitor detention center alert, alarm and emergency systems; check for proper function; ensure proper operation at all times.
  • Enter data into the computer system via computer terminal with information gained from arresting officers, booking officers or other detention staff.
  • Maintain constant surveillance and observation of deputies.
  • Ensure compliance with detention center policy and procedure and post orders by all personnel.
  • Perform multiple concurrent tasks and manage priorities.