Goshen County Sheriff




Welcome to the Goshen County Sheriff's Department website. This website provides you, the citizen, with valuable information related to law enforcement services for Goshen County, Wyoming. You can also contact us for questions, comments, or feedback under the ABOUT tab.


Matthew Klingsporn Sergeant  
Nick Jenkins Sergeant  
Ashley Bryan

Chris Gutierrez

  Deputy Sheriff

Marvin Jones

  Deputy Sheriff
Jacob Smith  Corporal  
Scott Miller   Deputy Sheriff
Josh Haffner   Deputy Sheriff
Elyse McGinnity   Deputy Sheriff
Chris Rogers   Deputy Sheriff



Brenda Sishc Administrative Assist.
Maggie Hendrickson Control Supervisor
Stacy Gutierrez Control Clerk
Tucker Wells 
Control Clerk
Johner, Rodney Control Clerk
Kathy Moorehouse Nurse
Jana Salway
Jean Stoner


Rodessa Baros Dietary
Rebecca Wickam Dietary